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Kim Kardashian Is the "Marilyn Monroe of Our Age,"

The rap artist's designer pal, Riccardo Tisci, is seconding the claim, three months after his fiancee Kim Kardashian was compared by Kanyewest to Norma Jean Baker.

"I simply neeed a minute with her to comprehend -- and I fell in-love. She's the Monroe of our age. Individuals believe she's just like a doll, but really she's smart and challenging." (Tisci has since been good friends with all the few, and developed their complemental appearances for the 2013 Fulfilled Gala.)

"I possess a love-hate relationship with all the paparazzo but really I adore them simply because they empower us over, ya understand?," West, 3-6, stated. " We are being empowered by them over Vanity Reasonable that need to state that Kate Upton is Norma Jean Baker. Kate Upton ain't Norma Jean Baker. Kim K and Ray J is Norma Jean Baker, you realize that. She was contentious. She [is] contentious." See More.

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